So what had happened was...

The BAMN Squad and Davied found out that Davied's parents were leaving town, so we decided to throw a party and everyone's invited. It's about to be lit. Bring your college friends, your co-workers, your homies, the dance squad and even your grandma but only if she won't snitch on Davied to his parents.

So this is how it's going to go down. The Open Pad is a 90's dance party, so come in your illest freshest 90's fit. We will be having hella DJ's and a couple dope performances, plus the homie Kwesi Young performing some new music from Digital Age 2.0. He gave us the sneak peak at Network & Chill, it's pretty legendary. DJ's spinning include MytyMyke, DJ Venom of Funk Lab and Malcolm Lee. All three are well versed in 90's classics and your favorite turn up bangers. Open Pad will be hosted by Davied cause it's his house. Live 90's music video mash ups will be playing on all the TVs curated by multi-media homie, Ookie. 

Some things you should know if you want to come to the Open Pad:


18+/21+ to Drink

Addy: 23 N. Market Street (Open Pad will be held at Da Kine)

*Parking Validated for San Pedro Square Garage

January Birthdays Welcomed

$7 in advance / $12 at the door

And lastly, no matter what you do, don't bring that fool Craig White. Davied said it's funk.